BILLIONS OF BULBS: So I’ve joined the CFL awareness program, and there’s a page where InstaPundit readers can record their bulb purchases. Here’s the calculator, which as I post this contains only the 20 bulbs I’ve replaced.

One Billion Bulbs Instapundit Bulbs Change Statistics

If you want to join, go here.

As I’ve said before, whether you believe in anthropogenic global warming or not, it makes sense to cut back on burning fossil fuels, for reasons of geopolitics as well as general cleanliness. That’s how I see it, anyway!

UPDATE: Nice work — the InstaPundit group is now the largest on OBB. Short of getting Laurie David to fly commercial, this is as big an accomplishment as I can imagine.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Bumped to the top — I’ll stick this widget in the sidebar later. For now, sign up!