ANOTHER STUPID GUN EDITORIAL, this one in the New York Daily News. Don’t they bother to get anything right?

Ah, but there are so many people with guns. And their guns are so easy to come by.

Particularly, not to put too fine a point on it, in places like the great State of Virginia, which, you’ll recall, is a state so annoyed by the crackdown efforts of such anti-homicide types as New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg that it recently passed a law making it a crime for undercovers to run stings on the great state of Virginia’s fine gun dealers.

Actually, it’s a federal crime to lie on firearms purchase forms, and there’s no exception for “undercover” private investigators working for a mayor from another state. Bloomberg’s investigators did that, and the usual people who complain about “vigilantism” seem to endorse this particular instance. Given that the Daily News has covered Bloomberg’s troubles in this regard, this error is particularly unforgivable.