BARACK OBAMA AND TOM MAGUIRE apologize for the Imus affair. Maguire:

Since we are all responsible, none of us are. If, I say *IF* Sen. Obama wants to lead on this issue, he could start by pointing a finger at some real targets. Some hard targets; waiting five days and then denouncing Imus does not merit a Profile in Courage.

Just to help him get started, I wonder whether his new friend David Geffen has any clout in the record industry; I further wonder whether Sen. Obama wants to exhort him to help clean up Hollywood.

Good question.

UPDATE: The path to Imus’s redemption, plus the source of his problems. Was it “battlespace preparation” for 2008? And this question: “Our political world is full cowards and folks who are full of shit. Is Imus really the one you want gone?”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Alternative theory: “Karl Rove has his mojo back.”

MORE: Eric Scheie wonders what’s going on.