April 13, 2007


In my years of blog-watching, I have been amazed at how quickly today’s online watchdogs are to drop the f-word. I’m not talking about the one banned on the airwaves by the FCC; I’m talking about the one spelled f-i-r-e-d, or its face-saving sister, r-e-s-i-g-n. Nary a scandal, real or imagined, goes by without some blogger on the right or the left demanding that so-and-so resign or be fired if he refuses to go quietly. . . .

But every controversy does not warrant a firing or a resignation, and demanding as much runs counter to another goal of many bloggers: candor and transparency in politics.

Yeah, people make the jump pretty quickly from criticizing someone to demanding that he/she be fired. As I’ve noted before, that’s usually overkill.

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