A federal grand jury has indicted an Ohio man on charges of conspiring with the al-Qaeda terrorist network to bomb targets overseas and in the United States, possibly using remote-controlled boats and aircraft.

The grand jury in Columbus returned a three-count indictment yesterday against Christopher Paul, 43, who prosecutors said received training at terrorist camps in Afghanistan in the early 1990s, joined al-Qaeda and later trained co-conspirators in Germany in the use of explosives. The indictment was announced today by Justice Department officials in Ohio and Washington. . . . From 1989 through the present, the Justice Department said in a statement, Paul participated in “a conspiracy to destroy property overseas and murder and maim persons located outside the United States.” As part of the alleged conspiracy, it said, he provided money and equipment to individuals abroad and trained co-conspirators in the United States to prepare them “to fight violent jihad overseas.”

On the other hand, this sounds a bit thin:

In recent years, the statement said, Paul used Columbus residences to store items that included a laser range finder, a night vision scope, literature on explosives, “remote control items” and survival gear.

What red-blooded American doesn’t have at least most of this stuff? Hard to tell how much there is to this story, but I suppose we’ll learn more as it progresses.