JILTED BUSH FANS: “Something tells us if we were to ask President Bush to reflect upon his love affairs with Matthew Dowd and Andrew Sullivan, he would look at us as if we’d lost our mind. Sorry, guys, he’s just not that into you! Are we wrong to think that there is something deeply weird about grown men who have trouble distinguishing between politics and affairs of the heart?”

I’ve never felt that degree of attraction to, or affection for, Bush — you never saw the kind of praise for him here that you once saw for him elsewhere. Mostly, I’ve just felt vaguely sorry for him, and hoped he’d manage to do a decent job under difficult circumstances. On the other hand, I haven’t had the same over-the-top response to disappointment with him, either. But I try to keep the political and the personal separate, something that seems increasingly old-fashioned these days.

UPDATE: Contrary to Andrew Sullivan, I didn’t vote for Bush twice. I voted Libertarian in 2000, voted for Bush in 2004. Sullivan, I think, voted for Bush in 2000 and Kerry in 2004. So each of us voted for Bush at different times, depending, I guess, on what was important to us in that election.