MICHAEL WARE SAYS DRUDGE WAS WRONG, and The Raw Story has video that seems to prove his case.

I can’t find where Drudge has retracted, but on this evidence I’m going with Ware over Drudge. (Via Hit & Run). I’ve updated earlier posts to reflect this, too. Would have corrected sooner, but I’ve been offline — though thanks to the miracle of “scheduled posting,” you can’t tell.

UPDATE: Reader Nathaniel Rein emails:

I wrote to you earlier regarding the Drudge piece claiming that Ware heckled McCain. Since I did that, and you posted a piece clearly retracting the claim, I feel it is only fair to send another email commending you for this. Not that this counts for much, but I believe in acknowledging when people own up to their mistakes.

Well, a polite email always counts for something, especially in the blogosphere these days. As I note in the FAQs, I don’t promise never to link to things that turn out to be wrong (no blogger could do that) only that I’ll try to correct the error if I find out about it. Rein’s email is certainly nicer than some I received about the Ware story, though I think I got about as many from Dartmouth alumni complaining — correctly — that I shouldn’t have called it Dartmouth University in my New York Post column. Well, nobody’s perfect.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Questioning the video. Er, okay, but this requires actual evidence that the video is untrustworthy, or that there were things going on that it doesn’t show, something that Drudge hasn’t really provided.

MORE: Don Surber emails: “I’m going with Ware over Drudge. Them’s the odds — great editor, lousy reporter.”

(Later: Superfluous “not” removed, above.)