COOKWARE UPDATE: Yesterday’s nonstick post led to numerous reader emails recommending seasoned cast iron as durable nonstick cookware. Typical was this one from reader Craig Forrest, who’s a big fan of Lodge Logic cookware — hey, it’s made in Tennessee, so I can’t complain — and writes:

If you want good, long-lasting nonstick cookware, you can’t beat traditional cast-iron cookware. Cheaper than modern non-stick stuff, and you can’t make anything stick to it once it is fully seasoned.

Lodge is what I buy:

You can usually get it cheap at Wal-Mart or on Amazon; I recently purchased my wife this 7-quart enamel Dutch Oven that is beautiful as well as easy to clean.

That’s good stuff, and I had a nice Lodge Logic skillet for a while. It was cheap, and nonstick. However, a few trips through the dishwasher — and as I’ve mentioned before, in my house everything winds up in the dishwasher eventually, despite my best efforts — and it wasn’t seasoned anymore. Others who have more control over their kitchens may want to give the cast-iron stuff a try. It’s cheap, and good.