THEY’RE RUNNING AWAY WITH THEIR LITTLE CURLY TAILS BETWEEN THEIR LEGS: The Senate has just passed an Iraq withdrawal bill, which like the House bill was laden with pork to buy votes.

It’s a disgrace, but par for the course for this bunch.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, read this from Jules Crittenden.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Ed Driscoll comments: “Not at all a surprise, of course. But very far removed from how they were actually elected in the first place.”

And Don Surber itemizes some of the pork and observes: “Disgusting is too nice a word for people who voted to send troops to Iraq in 2002, and less than 5 years later play political chicken with funding for those very troops.”

You don’t need a weathervane to know which way the wind’s blowing. Just a copy of the Senate voting record.

MORE: Bob Krumm looks at the bright side: “Perhaps President Bush will finally veto a pork-laden spending package.”

Heh. If he’d started doing that sooner, he probably wouldn’t be facing this problem now.