VOTERS VOTE YES, county says no anyway:

On the Web site, an online symposium founded by John Masterson, who is also chairman of the oversight committee, a post exclaims “I have lost all faith in Missoula County government.”

“Is there even a point to voting any more if the will of the people can so easily be subverted by two people?” the post inquires.

Much of the criticism, online and off, has alluded to County Attorney Fred Van Valkenburg’s position that a “gut feeling” led him to conclude Missoula’s electorate misinterpreted the ballot language. The tone of Wednesday’s public hearing, which was teeming with 20-something adults, went from inquisitive to indignant when Van Valkenburg used the phrase “gut feeling,” which many called insulting.

“Your ‘gut feeling’ does not supersede the democratic process,” according to one post.

This is sadly familiar to me. (Via Slashdot).