PRO-PORK AND PRO-DEFEAT: Austin Bay calls the Democratic Congress’s action a double-barrelled shame, and he’s right.

UPDATE: Don Surber observes: “If Pelosi wants to be commander-in-chief, let her run for president. Otherwise, today’s vote was a bayonet stabbed in the back of every American troop in Iraq.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Thoughts on what it means, from The Mudville Gazette.

Also The Kung Pao Congress: “Given the pork spent today on shrimp, spinach, and peanuts, this seems like the right way to refer to the new House majority.”

MORE: John Hinderaker: “I think it has become clear to pretty much everyone that the Democrats want defeat in Iraq in order to advance their political agenda.”

STILL MORE: The troops prepare for being defunded.

MORE STILL: Indeed: “Funny, I used to think there wasn’t that much difference between Republicans and Democrats.”