HEY, MINE DON’T FLICKER, but I guess your results may vary:

I recently bought a compact flourescent bulb, the GE brand recommended by Instapundit. I hate it. It flickers constantly. When it’s not flickering it fills the room with a depressive, dulling haze. Maybe this is what happened to Courtney Love! It gives me a headache to look at it. … I’ve consoled myself with the thought that I’ll replace it with a regular bulb when it burns out. Then I realized it won’t burn out for five years. I’m replacing it tomorrow. If John Edwards can be live in a 28,000 square-foot mansion, I can have a 100-watt bulb. Populism!

Really, mine don’t flicker at all. It’s hard to argue with the Edwards point, though.

UPDATE: Reader Jim Armstrong thinks Mickey got a bad bulb:

I have a house full of them and never encountered that problem.

Has the guy ever considered how many times he installs a bum incandescent straight from the pack? AT LEAST one of 8, in my experience; and I have installed many more than 8 CFL’s without a problem.

I’ve had one bad CFL, but it just didn’t work at all. None of them flicker, though.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Mickey emails that all the switches in his place have dimmers. That’s probably it!