YES, THAT’S THE ONE: Yesterday’s Hill Street Blues reference produced this email from reader Jon Knouse:

Regarding your link to Mr. Goldberg’s piece on betraying the base, it is exactly Hill Street Blues. One of my favorite shows of all time (my father is a retired policeman), and a great episode. Officers Hill and Renko are called to a restaurant that offers an all-you-can-eat salad bar. The owner is upset because a very heavy-set man is literally laying on the buffet picking at all the food with his fingers and a fork, which is driving away other customers.

Hill and Renko say to the guy, “Time’s up buddy, you have to leave.” The guy looks at them and says, “Make me.” Well Hill and Renko look at each other, half shrug and each grabs a hold of the guy. With a one, two, three! Both men endeavor to move the guy, but he doesn’t move one inch!


I remember that. Making the episode better, as I recall, was that Renko was busy worrying about his own weight. It turns out that Hill Street Blues is now out on DVD, and Doug Weinstein thinks it holds up pretty well.