LIBBY GUILTY: Tom Maguire has the scoop: “Let’s be clear – when the Yankees lose, I am both disappointed and surprised; today I am disappointed.”

UPDATE: Liveblogging.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Here’s a big roundup on the Libby verdict from Pajamas Media.

Will a pardon be forthcoming? My guess is Bush will wait till the end, a la Clinton and Bush I, but who knows?

MORE: Mark Daniels wonders if Dick Cheney will resign.

STILL MORE: Further thoughts here: “The whole Libby affair remains something of a mystery. President Bush ordered all executive branch personnel to cooperate with the Fitzgerald investigation. Other people, apparently including Dick Cheney, told investigators that they had discussed Wilson and Plame with Libby. It’s hard to understand why Libby’s testimony was so out of step with that of the other Executive Branch witnesses. At the end of the day, imperfect memory seemed as good an explanation as any. But the jury didn’t see it that way.” Nope.

A juror is interviewed.

Plus, is the GOP doomed in 2008?

And Intrade has already opened a futures market on whether Libby will be pardoned.

MORE STILL: A roundup of comments from legal experts at the WSJ. It’s a free link to nonsubscribers.