ADVICE FOR YOUNG SCHOLARS, from Greg Mankiw. It’s good advice, especially this bit:

For women and minorities: Be especially wary of invitations to sit on university committees. I have noticed that deans and other university administrators like to promote diversity on their committees. They never seem to figure out that, as a result of this “tax” on women and minorities, we white males are left alone with more time to pursue our research.

It’s not just committee work that’s a burden, either. I served as BLSA advisor for a while to spare our junior black faculty that burden at a crucial time; I enjoyed it, and I think it helped, but that kind of thing probably wouldn’t work everywhere.

On the other hand, this bit of advice from Mankiw may be controversial: “Whatever you do, do not start a blog.” Then again, he also warns: “Be wary of advice from old fogies like me.”