GOOD THING IT’S NON-BINDING: Resolution in favor of defeat passes in the House. “This was expected: but the good news is, the 40-60 Republican defectors that the Democrats had been predicting failed to materialize. Only seventeen Republicans voted for the resolution — and two Democrats broke ranks to vote against it. ”

I’m disappointed that my own Rep. John J. Duncan voted for it. At least he’s consistent, as he also voted against the Iraq war. Nonetheless, I think this vote was a mistake on his part.

UPDATE: Joe Lieberman has some thoughts.

ANOTHER UPDATE: John Hinderaker comments: “The press will no doubt try to spin this as a ‘bipartisan’ resolution, but the truth is that the Democrats didn’t get anything like the number of Republican supporters they were hoping for just a few days ago. I think the public will recognize that the real meaning of the resolution is that the Democrats, as a party, have committed themselves to a policy of failure and surrender. Time will tell whether that commitment will turn out to be a wise one.”

MORE: “Support the troops. Let them win.”

STILL MORE: Capt. Ed points out that those supporting this dumb resolution aren’t traitors:

Unfortunately, the House just sent a huge signal to the terrorists that waiting us out is a winning strategy, one they will not have to endure for very long. I don’t believe that the politicians who voted for this resolution are traitors or Quislings, and in fact I strenuously reject that characterization. I think they’re idiots and fools, though, and idiots and fools can be almost as dangerous.

Glad he cleared that up.