CLAYTON CRAMER’S NEW BOOK, Armed America, gets a rather nice review in the Washington Times. Excerpt:

The only problem with “Armed America” is its framing as a refutation to Mr. Bellesiles. Nevertheless, what makes Mr. Cramer’s work important is not that it debunks Mr. Bellesiles yet again, but that it explores the entire process Mr. Bellesiles ignored.

The introduction extensively documents Mr. Bellesiles’ fraud, and in the final chapters Mr. Cramer distractingly bolds references to documents that Mr. Bellesiles misused. But through most of the book, Mr. Cramer mercifully stays away from the now-waning controversy.

All considered, “Armed America” proves a must-read. The author sets aside his beliefs to explore history, conceding evidence against his thesis, noting when the available records are unclear and admitting that guns have done bad as well as good things for America. He dedicates an entire chapter to post-Revolution gun violence. As a result the book is readable, believable and fair.

Sounds like this will get excerpted on the paperback edition!