JONAH GOLDBERG SPANKS ELLEN GOODMAN for a silly column comparing people who disagree with global warming theater to holocaust deniers.

This sort of behavior by global-warming enthusiasts is offputting, and justifies those who compare them with religious fanatics. As Arnold Kling wrote the other day:

The Left’s religion often comes dressed up as science. Marxism is one example. The eugenics movement of the early twentieth century is another. The Global Warming crusade is probably another.

On a practical level this doesn’t matter that much to me — as I wrote before, we should probably be acting as if global warming theories are true regardless — but acting as if isn’t the same as crushing all dissent. And I can’t help but feel that for people like Goodman, getting to compare people you disagree with to holocaust deniers is the main point, and global warming is just the excuse. Don’t want me to get that impression? Don’t act that way, then.

UPDATE: Don Surber: “How offensive to Holocaust survivors. To equate the Nazi slaughter of 12 million Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, Catholics and others based on their ethnicity and gender with the debate over whether mankind’s “sin” of driving an SUV (but never the pickup truck) is appalling. A rabbi should wash her keyboard out with soap.”