Overall tonight’s SOTU was Bush’s best. I’ve been (more or less) drunkblogging these things for five years now, and they’ve almost always left a bad taste in my mouth. One, I’m happy to say, easily remedied by another sip or two of vodka. However, Bush’s best SOTU will also prove his least effective. The best he can hope for out of the new Congress is that the Blue Dog Dems help him maintain our tax cuts. Other than that, this Presidency is domestically done.

Foreign policy is all Bush has left – all any seventh-year President has, really. Tonight he said the things he always says, but will he follow through this time? Will he use his lame-duck status as cover to get things done, or will he just be lame?


There’s loads of stuff on the SOTU, and Webb’s response, at The Corner, too.

John Hinderaker was surprised: “In contrast to his ‘surge’ speech a week or two ago, I thought President Bush was back on his game tonight. . . . It was a good night for President Bush. Will it matter? I doubt that very many people who are on the fence were watching. But for the President’s long-term supporters and for all who are serious about winning the war that has been thrust upon us, it was an inspiring, confidence-renewing performance.” Bush’s supporters needed that about now.