HERE’S MORE on Steve Cohen and the Congressional Black Caucus. Tennessee political blogger A.C. Kleinheider is offended.

Better watch out. If they treat our Tennessee representatives too badly, we’ll send ’em Stacy Campfield. . . .

UPDATE: Bob Krumm:

Usually, these caucuses are little more than the congressional equivalent of high school clubs. But ask yourselves, would your high school allow a club that purposefully limited its membership to whites? Of course not. So why should your tax dollars be used to support a group with a racist membership policy?

Other caucuses are less restrictive in their membership:

The Congressional Croatian Caucus does not require Croatian ancestry, the Congressional Entertainment Caucus is not limited to former entertainers, the Congressional Internet Caucus does not mandate that its members maintain a blog, the House Cancer Caucus is not just for cancer survivors, and veterans aren’t the only eligible members of the Reserve Components Caucus.

I’ll bet that if Bill Clinton were a House member they’d let him join.