THE NIKON 18-200 VR LENS: Ken Rockwell loves his. I’d be interested, but they’re pretty hard to get.

UPDATE: Rick Lee has one, loves it, and posts some photos and a review. He emails: “It’s like a miracle. Mind you, this is the first VR lens I’ve owned so it’s all new to me, even though this isn’t really new technology. That VR (vibration reduction) stuff works. Plain and simple, you can shoot at much lower shutter speeds than usual and the pictures look like you used a tripod. I’m glad to have a lens that’s this good with such a wide focal length range. Before, I was constantly switching between my 12-24mm and my 24-85mm and my 70-300mm. 12mm is really wide and you don’t need that all the time. 18mm is pretty wide so most jobs I can do with this one lens. ”

He says that it’s easier to get them through actual camera stores than through big retailers like Amazon or BH. Maybe I’ll check the one near me.