THANKS TO THE MAGIC OF AMAZON RECOMMENDATIONS, I was just informed of the Swiss Army Cybertool. It looks like it has most everything you’d need to work on computers.

I gave my brother one of these rather cool Swiss Army Keychain USB knives, with builtin memory. Even though he’s a dedicated Leatherman guy, he says he’s found it extremely useful.

UPDATE: Reader R. Kissel emails: “Re, your post on the Cybertool. I’ve had one for about 7 years now. Bought it in Europe. While it is very useful, for computer work I find only 2 tools are essential: A #2 Phillips and a 5mm nut driver with decent handles. The Torx and Allen bits in the Cybertool are just no longer needed except for laptop work, which is rather tricky anyway and requires experience. Also useful are a small flashlight and a magnifier. Both can fit in the side pockets of the leather pouch.
Thing to consider: I’ve lost one of the bits and can’t find a replacement.”