VIDEO: Jim DeMint talks about Earmark Reform.

UPDATE: Via email from DeMint’s office:

Senate Republicans this evening defeated a motion offered by Democrats to cut off debate on the lobby and ethics reform bill. The debate got hung up on an amendment offered by Senators Gregg and DeMint to give the President line item veto/rescission authority. Majority Leader Reid was reportedly working with Senator Gregg to achieve a compromise but West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd intervened making it clear to Reid that he would object to voting on the Gregg-DeMint amendment now or anytime in the future. As such, Reid acquiesced to Byrd’s demands and continued to disallow a vote on the measure.

Gregg’s LIV provision is nearly identical to a provision that Byrd hinself offered himself in 1995 under President Clinton.

Not very smart politics, it seems to me.