BRYAN PRESTON: “Michelle and I spent four days patrolling the environs around Forward Operating Base Justice in north and west Baghdad last week. . . . This post is mostly about mistakes. The troops didn’t sit down with us and tick off all the mistakes that they think we have made in Iraq to date, so what follows isn’t their gripe list being published under my name. They did answer our questions forthrightly and we learned much from interviewing them and just talking with them over chow and listening to their crosstalk in the Humvees. So this post is made up of my observations after seeing the war up close and following it from afar, including mistakes, fumbles and ways forward to win–and what victory actually looks like.” Read the whole thing. He concludes: “Having said all of this, Iraq is still very winnable.” That’s what Michael Yon is saying, too.

And here’s a video report from Baghdad on Hot Air. Folks at CNN, et al., should be trembling.

UPDATE: Here’s audio of Michelle Malkin reporting from Iraq on the Laura Ingraham Show.