ER, HOW EXACTLY DO YOU “DECLARE” THAT? “Did the President Declare ‘Secret War’ Against Syria and Iran?”

UPDATE: Hmm. “Three strong explosions jolted southern Iran on Thursday, the semi-official Fars news agency reported, but gave no information about possible casualties. . . . Khuzestan, the heartland of Iran’s oil industry, has been simmering with unrest among the province’s mostly Arab population for more than a year.” Hmm, again. If this report is true, it may or may not mean anything. The Iranians are vulnerable to a tit-for-tat strategy on support for insurgents, and it’s possible that the CIA or someone is doing just that. On the other hand, this sort of thing has happened before without outside assistance. Or the report could be wrong. (Via Ace).

ANOTHER UPDATE: The explosion article above is no longer available; I guess Reuters has pulled it. Meanwhile, this newer story puts the explosions down to “mine-sweeping activities.” The original story is still available here, for the moment.

MORE: I blame UFOs.