As Algeria and the U.S. exchange information on Algerian Islamic terrorists, they find a common pattern. Many Algerian terrorists, who have “disappeared” from view in Algeria, are showing up in Iraq (where they are killed, captured or mentioned by prisoners), in a Western prison, or under surveillance by Western security agencies. Fewer Algerians are going ti Iraq, apparently after noting the high probability of getting killed or captured there. Algerian terrorists are trying to establish themselves in the West (Europe, Canada, Australia.)

I’ve noted the Algeria connection before. Plus, this: “Hassan Hattab, one of the founders of the GSPC, and about a hundred of his followers, have accepted the government amnesty. Hattab was ousted as leader of the GSPC in 2001, and his successor was killed in 2004, and GSPC has been shrinking ever since. Hattab has pretty much stayed in the background since 2001, when more radical members of the GSPC pushed a program of more violence. This turned most Algerians against the Islamic radicals, and led to the collapse of the GSPC.”