GREG SARGENT EMAILS: “Glenn, I think I’ve proven that the ‘lonely Kerry’ story is bogus.”

Here’s his post.

UPDATE: Bryan Preston responds.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Tom Nesbit emails:

The explanation that Kerry sought out reporters at the meal, to the exclusion of troops, is just further proof of Kerry’s political tin ear. Why in the world would he take the bait over a relatively obscure picture to reinforce the idea that he does not care for the troops? He is in Iraq, in the presence of soldiers, and he chooses instead to eat with reporters. He admits to purposely avoiding the soldiers. What do you want to bet there will be another clarification within 48 hours that only compounds Kerry’s aloofness? Is it a tempest in a teapot? Sure, if it were any other capable national politician. Kerry, though, might just be able to make it a full fledged storm.

Kerry does have special talents in that direction.