ON MORE THAN ONE OCCASION, I’ve suggested that the United States should not be trying to serve as an “honest broker” for a peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians on the grounds that the Palestinians are our enemies, and thus we can’t and shouldn’t be neutral about them.

More evidence that I’m right:

A newly declassified report from 1973 shows that Yasser Arafat personally commanded the terrorist attack that resulted in the murders of Ambassador Cleo Noel and his deputy George Moore, as well as a Belgian diplomat. Moreover, the two murders appear to have been the entire point of Arafat’s attack. . . . The State Department had proof all along that Yasser Arafat not only masterminded this attack, but deliberately plotted to kill American diplomats as a means to pressure the US out of the Middle East. In other words, the PLO/Fatah/BSO conducted a terrorist attack on American interests, murdered Americans, and got away with it.

Like I said, our enemies. We should have killed Arafat and his cronies, not tried to help them get a better deal out of Israel. I would wonder if the Nobel Peace Prize committee knew about this, but I doubt it would matter, as it appears that no amount of anti-Americanism, in word or in deed, is a bar to that award.

Meanwhile, Scott Johnson is aiming an I told you so at his critics.