YES, BLOGGING WAS LIGHT yesterday. We went diving — me, my nephew, and the Insta-Mom, who had never been diving before and decided to try a resort course, where you get a quickie lesson in a pool and then dive with an instructor.

Diving was okay. The water was a bit chilly –75 degrees — though I was comfortable enough in a 3-mil wetsuit with a hood. The visibility was only fair, and there was a current. As always with Florida diving, I concluded that it’s better than no diving at all, but not a patch on Cayman or Cozumel. I’m told, though, that it’s much better here in the summer.

Meanwhile, on the beach-reading front, I’ve finally started the Robert Heinlein / Spider Robinson novel Variable Star. I’m only a couple of chapters into it, but so far it’s okay. I’m amazed at how Heinlein-like it sounds.

I’m enjoying my vacation. If this has caused me to miss your email or blog post, sorry. Okay, I’m not that sorry. The blogging will still be around next week; the subtropical sunshine will not.