“HURRY — IT’S NOT TOO LATE!” I notice that Amazon is pushing overnight delivery — and Saturday delivery in some places — pretty hard, to try to squeeze in some last-minute orders today. But I wonder if having Christmas on a Monday has been bad for online sellers, since it more or less ends the Christmas shopping season today, four days before Christmas. I guess the longer than usual season makes up for it to some extent, but procrastinators who miss today’s deadline may have to — shudder — actually visit a mall! ( I also suspect that the plethora of gift cards and online gift certificates means that the “Christmas season” will really extend into January in some sense.)

Here’s a bit more on the subject. It’s very interesting to see how much sellers and shippers have managed to speed up the process in the past couple of years.

UPDATE: Jay Caruso emails: “Saw your entry about Amazon and shippers speeding up the process. Include Dell in the mix. I ordered a new computer this past Saturday afternoon with ground shipping which is supposed to be 3-5 business days. It was at my door by Tuesday.”

Cool. And here’s a good Amazon experience, too.