VARIOUS PEOPLE have been emailing me about Ms. Dewey.

It’s sort of cute, though the degree of interactivity isn’t very high. They’ve obviously got a few custom responses — try searching “condom helmet” or “librarians are sexy” or “bloggers” or “janina gavankar” (the actress who plays Ms. Dewey) or “ricardo” — but most of the chatter is pretty formulaic. it’s designed to generate buzz for Microsoft’s new search system.

UPDATE: A reader suggests searching “Frodo.” Heh. I got a pretty good result with “Jamil Hussein,” too.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Cam Edwards emails:

Try typing in National Rifle Association, 2nd Amendment, or NRA and you’ll get a custom response. Actually I’ve seen three different gun-related responses.

Interestingly enough, no such custom response for an inquiry about the Brady Campaign.

That’s because Ms. Dewey is about the future.