THE SUBJECT IS RIVETING: it’s not just me blogging about Swiss Army Knives.

UPDATE: Some people would rather hear about my Macbook Pro instead.

I’m pretty happy with it. Pluses: Slim, elegant design. Nice screen. Starts up — whether from cold or from sleep mode — a lot faster than my Dell notebook. Switching to the OSX operating system is easy — but then, I never needed any lessons to learn Windows either. Both are pretty self-explanatory. The builtin speakers aren’t bad for a laptop. Stable. Pretty icons. The iChat is cool, especially the video ichat, which is very well implemented. I like the way the keyboard lights up automatically in the dark.

Minuses: Battery life is way inferior to my Dell — less than half as long. Form factor is a bit large for actual laptop use. (I’d prefer something more like a 12″ Powerbook, really, but Apple doesn’t make anything like that). Not as crashproof as advertised — I’ve had to reboot once or twice, because of Firefox crashes. Gets hot. No right mouse-button. (Yeah, you hit CTRL instead but it’s not the same). No real delete key.

Overall an excellent computer, if not quite the transcendent experience that some Macheads suggest.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Gerard van der Leun recommends this gadget from Logitech to solve the right-click problem.

And a reader asks what I think about the “mag-safe” power cord. Actually, I hate that — it’s constantly coming disconnected. Nice idea, but the magnet’s not strong enough.