EMBEDDED BLOGGER BILL ROGGIO posts more reporting from Fallujah. He reports on the Iraqi Army’s shortcomings and successes, and offers some suggestions for improvement. It’s a must-read.

He also emailed me: “One of the MTT Marines actually commented in my last post on patroling with the Iraqi Army. This is an advantage blogs have over the established media. I have had a great response from Marines in the theater on my reporting on the MTTs, PTTs and the Iraqi Army. On a flight the other night, a couple of Marine Majors actually knew who I was, sought me out, sat next to me and talked to me the entire trip on a noisy C-130 transport. Just amazing.”

I suspect that’s because they trust Bill, where they may not trust Big Media folks. Bill’s work is supported by donations from his readers, so if you like it, consider donating.