A LOOK AT LAW PROFESSORS AND THE DUKE RAPE CASE: In other fallout, I was talking to a friend of mine who comes from a Duke alumni family. He said he’d never send his kids to Duke after seeing how the University acted in this case, hanging its own students out to dry despite obvious misbehavior by the prosecutor.

Plus, Susan Estrich says that “Justice demands Nifong’s removal.” She concludes: “It is an extreme measure for a court to replace a prosecutor on a case. But this appears, increasingly, to be an extreme case of lawlessness by the prosecutors if not the defendants.”

UPDATE: Hmm. Duke applications are down.

And here’s more on student and alumni reaction, from Joe Malchow. Malchow observes: “College administrators often speak of community. Isn’t it an essential part of community to defend one’s community against unfounded or overbroad attacks?”

I don’t think they’re big on that.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Obviously, the place to go is Brown University!