It’s a Martha Stewart Christmas at the Glenn and Helen Show! Well, it’s a show about Martha Stewart at Christmastime, anyway. We interview law professor Joan Heminway about her book, Martha Stewart’s Legal Troubles, which comes out next week. We’re joined by Professor Ellen Podgor and talk not only about Martha Stewart’s legal troubles, but about the Sarbanes-Oxley bill, white-collar crime, and the criminalization of nearly everything.

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As always, my lovely and talented cohost is taking comments and observations.

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UPDATE: In connection with this podcast, it’s worth reading Michael S. Malone’s column in today’s Wall Street Journal. (Subscription only, but this link should work for a week.) And thanks for the kind words from Stephen Bainbridge: “It’s a very nice discussion of the problem of over-criminalizing agency costs, which in turn provides a really nice example of how new media can treat issues with a depth that the MSM usually won’t.” Hey, that’s what all this technology stuff is for, and that’s why it’s so cool.