BUT IT’S NOT A CIVIL WAR: “Fighting between Hamas and Fatah escalated Sunday, as the foreign minister’s convoy and the president’s Gaza residence came under attack. Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said Hamas will boycott an early election called by the president.” Unless it’s in Iraq. Hmm: Palestinian politicians fighting each other with private armies, Sunni and Shia terrorists fighting each other in Iraq, bombings in Iran . . . . That whole unified-Caliphate thing doesn’t seem to be coming along very well. But as others have noted, what we sometimes see as Islam-vs.-the-West is really a civil war within the entire Islamic world.

UPDATE: Still more Palestinian infighting. If the mortars are out, does that make it a civil war? Or is that just politics as usual, in Palestinian circles?

ANOTHER UPDATE: De-escalation? “Palestinian rivals Hamas and Fatah said they had agreed to a ceasefire on Sunday after a day of bloodshed in which President Mahmoud Abbas’s offices came under mortar fire and his Fatah forces seized two ministries.” Only if they’re better at keeping truces with each other than with Israelis.