Now, a Nevada lawmaker wants to put more weapons on school property — not in the hands of students, but in the hands of their teachers and school staff.

State Senator Bob Beers believes guns in the hands of highly trained, law-abiding citizens can serve as a deterrent to criminal activity. And what better place to stop crime than in the classroom, he told the I-Team in an exclusive interview.

Clark County School District police find a shotgun on a student that classmates characterize as having an anger problem. The “what-ifs” of the situation aren’t hard to imagine. Images from Columbine High School have become part of the American collective consciousness.

But where gun control has failed, Bob Beers believes gun proliferation may succeed. The republican senator for Clark County said, “The theory is that insane people don’t go on shooting sprees around people who have weapons.”

Beers plans to submit a bill draft this week to allow school personnel to carry concealed firearms on campus provided teachers, principals and even bus drivers complete weapons training that, in his words, would exceed law enforcement training standards.

We’re seeing more and more proposals like this.

UPDATE: See this post from Donald Sensing, too.