THE CAR SURVIVAL KIT DISCUSSION from a few days ago led me to consider emulating SayUncle and keep something to cut seatbelts in the car. I could have just gotten a big honking knife, but I didn’t want anything that an unsympathetic cop might consider a dangerous weapon, just in case. (Yes, we have concealed carry in Tennessee, but it doesn’t apply to knives, and it’s wise to be careful what you carry in your car.) I wound up ordering this Swiss Army “Fireman” model, which has a locking blade that opens with one hand — I like that in general — and a special seatbelt cutting blade. Seems quite well made, and it’s now in the driver’s side pocket.

Plus it has a bottle opener and corkscrew for, um, lesser emergencies.

UPDATE: Dave Schuler emails: “Practically every male in my wife’s family is a fireman. I note that the ‘Fireman’s Model’ picture in the Amazon link features a bottle opener and a corkscrew. Sounds about right to me.”

It’s important to be prepared for all contingencies.

ANOTHER UPDATE: SayUncle emails: “Good point on the knife in car thing. You can also look at these: In addition to not looking like a knife, they have punches to break out safety glass ( i.e., your windows).” No corkscrew, though.