I have two cats and own a Litter Robot (plus a regular litterbox, in case the power goes out et al). The Robot, aka the Death Star, is great – it never clogs like the models with the rakes do, and it’s got built-in safety features that stop it from rotating immediately if a cat enters mid-cycle. The sound of it starting to rotate can be a little eerie in the middle of the night, at least at the beginning, but that’s the only real drawback. Anyway, I highly recommend it. I have the white model, but the other one looks much cooler. Excellent holiday gift for a cat household, especially a multi-cat household.

(on the off chance you use this, please just identify me as a cat owner in Houston…)

It’s not Laurence Simon, though. Trust me, he never asks for anonymity! (But forget the second litterbox — just get one of these!) And reader Chap Godbey writes:

This Litter Maid model is what we use. There’s a sensor that knows when the cat gets in and out of the box, and after the cat gets out a rake comes by and cleans all the lumps into a concealed bin. It’s much less costly than that other model and is durable. One big cat and one box means one week before you have to empty the bin.

I miss the cats, but not the litterbox.

UPDATE: Reader Glenn Ruddiger is unimpressed with the Litter Robot and its admirers:

Seriously, is the Instapundit readership so well off and time consumed that they can’t afford a minute every couple days to scoop the crud out of a litter box?

Dude, it’s a Litter Robot! Of course InstaPundit readers will want one. What part of “Robot” don’t you understand? Robots are cool!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Yeah, yeah, fembots are cooler, but you can’t actually buy those on Amazon. Yet.

Meanwhile, Ruddiger responds:

heh heh Yes, robots are cool, but only when they cut my grass or sweep my floors or fight each other in death matches.

Honestly, my cats seemed genuinely interested when I scoop the litterbox. They watch every move I make — sometimes from a distance, sometimes completely in my way. I can see their tiny little kitty brains working — “why not just leave the lid off *that* container…”.

Sweeping we’ve got covered. And I already mentioned the robot lawn mower.

Meanwhile, warn your cats that they can be replaced, and maybe they’ll start cleaning their own litter boxes . . . .

On the other hand, maybe we’d better worry about a robot uprising.

MORE: Dave Price defends the Litter Maid:

Had it for 5 years. I calculated the labor time saved scooping cat execra at $100/hr (because I have to do it, and I get paid roughly that much to do other things I could be doing instead of scooping cat litter) and it’s a bargain. Had to replace it after 2 years, but the newer one seems moderately improved and more durable.

Never have to think about it. Really, the biggest challenge is remembering to clear it once every week or two when it gets full.

If only there were a robot for that . . . .