IF THE LEAKS ARE TO BE BELIEVED — and given such a group of experienced leakmeisters, I suspect they are — then the Iraq Study Group’s recommendations are likely to be weak tea indeed: Basically, we shall continue to muddle through, while rededicating ourselves to finishing the job at a time, and in a manner, not clearly specified.

Well, muddling through is underrated as a tactic, actually, and it’s no surprise that a bunch of old-time Establishment guys haven’t come up with anything revolutionary. In fact, it seems as if Donald Rumsfeld, judging by his classified memo thoughtfully leaked to the New York Times, remains more open to new ideas than many of his critics, who often seem stuck in 1968.

So can the blogosphere do better? I’m going to try a blog symposium on Iraq, Iran, and Syria. I want some new ideas — beyond “cut and run” or “stay the course” — on things we’re not doing that we should be doing. Here’s just one example — outright war with Iran is unlikely and probably a bad idea. But the mullarchy that runs Iran is corrupt and unpopular. What about targeting the mullahs — personally, and more particularly in the form of their properties, their business interests both abroad and in Iraq, and their partners in such business interests. And maybe seeing if we can bribe a few while we’re at it. The goal would be to bring Iran’s interference in Iraq to a close.

Is it a good idea? You tell me. And add some other ideas of your own. Put “Iraq Symposium” in the subject line, and add a link to your blog entry. I’ll pull them together in two or three days.

UPDATE: Here’s Charles Krauthammer’s suggestion.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Just to be clear, I want links to blog posts. I can’t possibly run a whole lot of lengthy emails in their entirety; I need things I can link to.

And here are some thoughts by John Wixted on the Rumsfeld memo.