IN THE MAIL: Transgender Rights, from the University of Minnesota Press. It’s well-reviewed (“A must for transfolk and their allies!”) and raises interesting questions. Are the transgendered “disabled?” I’d say no, but I confess I haven’t given the subject a lot of thought.

UPDATE: Reader Diane Wilson emails:

As a “transgendered folk” (and a long-time reader of Instapundit) I have to speak up and say NO! I transitioned more than 11 years ago, without losing my job, my relationship, my church, or my friends. Over the next several years, I survived a dozen layoffs as my employer (Nortel Networks, a major telecom equipment and software company) imploded. I chaired a major, week-long professional conference (Usability Professionals’ Association, 2003 and 2004 conferences). I now work for a consulting firm, where I interact with our client’s business partners and customers every day. I’m active in my church (Unitarian) as a lay leader and facilitator of small group ministry.

In what way would I be considered disabled? I don’t get it.

Me neither.