I continue to think that the term draws an unfair equivalence between Islamist terror, and mere Christian social conservatism, which are hardly comparable. I disagree with the latter, but those people aren’t the enemy, just people with whom I disagree.

UPDATE: Now this is beyond the pale.

But apparently the “Christianists” continue to wreak destruction:

The controversial broadcast of MADONNA’s CONFESSIONS tour special on US TV failed to lure viewers and ended up finishing fourth in its time slot.

Either that or she’s just, you know, over.

ANOTHER UPDATE: What he said: “It says quite a lot about Sullivan and his ilk that they’ve managed to get a person like me — who deeply loathes Christian fundamentalism and supports gay marriage — to actually defend fundamentalist Christians against unfair smears by gay marriage supporters.”

Yeah, I dread the day Sullivan starts promoting nanotechnology or digital cameras . . . .

More on that here: “I think it’s intended to do more than link those Christians whose politics Sullivan doesn’t like with Islamists; it is also meant to be undefinable, which, by being unfair to everyone, does great mischief. Because, if only Andrew Sullivan knows what the word means (assuming he does), then he gets to behave as the Red Queen and label anyone he wishes as a Christianist. Or not. . . . I’m sorry, but this is getting really wacky.”

Yes, it is. But the illustration is amusing!

MORE: Further thoughts from the suddenly reenergized Prof. Bainbridge.