WELL, YES. Glenn Greenwald is extraordinarily lame, even when he’s writing under his own name. The problem with the term “Christianist” isn’t that it adds “ist” to the end of a religion. It’s that, by parallelling “Islamist,” it is a deliberate attempt at conflating people who oppose gay marriage — or, apparently, Madonna’s schlocky posturing — with people who blow up discos and mosques, and throw gay people off of walls. That’s the kind of execrable moral equivalence engaged in by the Soviets and their proxies, and it’s the sort of thing that Andrew Sullivan used to oppose eloquently, before he started to engage in it himself.

For a more intelligent take, read this. And there’s a bit more, here.

UPDATE: More on the difference between Islamists and “Christianists,” in a video that can be found here. It’s a sad thing — actually, it’s a shameful thing — that I have to point this out.