DEMOGRAPHICS AND DESTINY: SPENGLER WRITES THAT IRAN HAS ALREADY LOST: “One does not have to destroy an opponent’s military forces to defeat him. Russia collapsed without a single shot fired when Mikhail Gorbachev and his generals understood that they could not compete with Ronald Reagan’s United States. The Islamic world also has been defeated, by a globalized economy in which the US dominates the top, and China blocks entry at the bottom. As the most urbane people of Western Asia, the Persians grasped the hopelessness of circumstances quicker than their Arab neighbors. That is why they have ceased to bear children. Iran’s population today is concentrated at military age; by mid-century, today’s soldiers will be pensioners, and there will be no one to replace them.”

This is not, however, entirely good news, as M. Simon observes: “Jihad today is not the result of a vibrant Muslim culture. It is a sign of desperation. Just as the kamikaze attacks by the Japanese in WW2 were a sign of desperation.”

UPDATE: Alternate view here.