DESPITE THE HYPE AND SCARCITY FOR THE PLAYSTATION 3, some of the Amazon reviews from people who own one seem to be pretty negative: “If I were to rate this system on the number of crashes it would get 5 stars! Once again Sony talks a good game but releases a huge pile of steaming poo.” “I own all 3 systems now and by far this is the biggest flop.” “Do not buy this system yet many if not all people have experienced their system crashing after about 3 hours of gameplay and there are many graphical glitches.” “After playing Resistance for three hours, the system locked up and crashed. The unit was incredibly hot and unrecoverable even after cooling down. I had it resting in a well ventilated cool area, so I’m not sure what the deal is here.” “Well after waiting 13 hours in line I finally got the system. First let me say the graphics are no better the the x-box 360, second this box gets hot, I mean fry an egg on it hot. I don’t know if there’s something wrong with it or this is normal but you can’t touch the unit after playing for an hour or so. I’m very disapointed. It doesn’t play my playstation 2 games, the graphics still look cartoonish and it does freeze up from time to time.” “Only thing that I found was that alot of my PS2 Games will not work with the system. This really sucks. Another thing that I noticed is that after a little while of playing, BOY doesn’t this thing get hot. Seems like it is cookin itself right there on the entertainment system. I am going to see if they will let me take it back.” “I cant believe that after delaying the release of the PS3 for a year that Sony still couldnt get it right.”

Other people seem to like it, though. Any InstaPundit readers manage to snag one yet, or are you all still waiting in line with John Edwards? I note that while Amazon has reviews posted, they don’t seem to have any actual Playstation 3s to sell.

UPDATE: Reader David Henrion says it’s fanboy rivalry run amok:

After reading the Amazon reviews, I checked the backgrounds of various negative reviewers. As a gamer, I know that a lot of people are such total fanboys of a certain system that they will go and bash other systems as much as possible. So, for “A. Luciano “ROTTENCORPSE”,” who wrote that he or she owned all three systems and the PS3 was the worst, has reviewed several Xbox 360 games, including Halo 3, which is not out yet, and gave them all 5 stars. The Xbox 360 itself also received 5 stars. They also reviewed 2 PS3 games, giving them both 1 star, and the Nintendo Game Cube, giving it 1 star as well. “Clayton “…”” also had a negative review, and this person had only previously the Xbox headset and a punching bag. The PS3 is the only reviewed item for other Amazon customers as well. So, I think that some of these are fake, or at least exaggerated to promote the Xbox 360. This does not seem to have spread to the other next-gen systems, however the longest review for the Wii on the front page is 3 lines.

Heh. That we get that sort of thing over different game platforms seems a bit much to me, but as a wise man once said, people gotta have somethin’ to do.