MY EARLIER TV POST generated this email from Jesse Londin:

I did some poking around too, last week finally took the plunge and went with this Philips 42″ plasma deal (to be installed on Thursday):


For me it just had to be plasma. Some kind of fetish, I guess — I’ve always loved the word. Don’t know why. PLAAASMAA. (And I thank goodness Dr. Helen has as yet not noted any particular concerns about plasma-lovers or their behavior. ;) (Come to think of it, I would have thought of you as the plasma type, too.)

Now if I could only find SOME darn thing I care to watch…

Plasma sounds cool and Trekkish, I guess (“Activate plasma screens, Mr. Sulu!”), but my friend Doug Weinstein — much more of a videohead than me — favors LCDs for better color reproduction. And it looks like Jesse found at least one show worth watching today.