OK, I WROTE EARLIER that I liked PJM’s coverage of the elections, especially the video. Virginia Postrel thought it was too video-heavy, but breaking the tie is Michael Malone of ABC News’ Silicon Insider:

This week, in what may prove to be a landmark in the story of the blogosphere, the blog aggregator Pajamas Media handed out a pile of inexpensive digital cameras to its contributors and asked them to document their experiences on Election Day.

It was a glimpse of the future. And if I was Sony or Canon or Nikon, I’d be looking at that 57 million number and planning a whole marketing campaign around my new Budget Blog camera line.

I do think that this is the future. I spoke today (one reason blogging has been so light) at a conference of journalism and PR folks at UT, and demonstrated some of the digital-camera web video. They were very impressed at what cheap cameras could do, and they should have been.