RAMESH PONNURU NOTES that Libertarian candidates are costing Republican seats: “So far, losing because of libertarians hasn’t caused Republicans to move toward the libertarians ideologically. But maybe things will change this time.” Let’s hope.

UPDATE: Reader Joel Mackey emails:

As a Republican with libertarian leanings my attitude walking into the polling booth was as follows:

Rep, Dem, Lib, other….on ballot….vote Lib
Rep, Dem….on ballot……vote Rep
Rep….unopposed…… no vote

Basically a Libertarian straight ticket while denying Democrats any votes as well as denying Republicans any votes that would not put a Democrat into office, that is not to say that a local democrat was not deserving, but I would not vote for a beltway Democrat.

I am still of two minds regarding Democrats taking any power in Washington, on the one hand I detest it, but if thier hold on power only lasts two years, I think it could be constructive.

My main impression from this election season is that voting for national office is like trying to execute brain surgery with a 10 pound sledge hammer.

How well that works depends on the desired result. . . .