RASMUSSEN: “On the day before Election Day, 45% of Americans approve of the way that George W. Bush is performing his role as President. This is the President’s highest approval rating in a little over a month.” Not exactly brilliant, but consistent with the trend that some people see. Of course, if it were over 50% it would mean a lot more.

UPDATE: On the other hand: “President Bush’s popularity has dipped to 35 percent, according to a new CNN poll, with 41 percent of likely voters saying their disapproval of his performance will affect their vote in Tuesday’s elections for control of Congress.” Who’s right? Who knows?

MORE: Thoughts on why the polls are often wrong, including this observation: “In short, we really don’t know what will happen tomorrow. The election will be decided by those who show up, and somewhere up to a third of those who claim they are going to vote–and always do!–won’t.”