MISSING SMARTCARDS for voting machines in Shelby County (Memphis) Tennessee. More background from Memphis blogger John Harvey:

This would allow a non technical person to manipulate the system. I think it’s time for lie detector testing of election commission personnel and a long overdue purging of the voter database.

I have found 360 voters who, from my records, previously haven’t voted in the past ten years, but now have voted in early voting. At some point, the database has got to be cleaned up. The only way to make that happen is to purge the election commission of those who don’t want to purge the database. And, yes, I’m sending that table to the AG’s office too.

The cards may be smart, but the people in charge of them . . . not so much.

UPDATE: Hey, it could be worse — we could only be protecting the cards as well as we protect nuclear secrets at Los Alamos.